My coach

I started coaching George in August 2011 and only a few months later I had the chance to supervise him at the 2011 Senior World Championships in Paris.

I appreciate the opportunity to work with George, for he is a highly dedicated athlete who rarely takes a vacation. That is why he keeps improving his personal bests even if he is 38 years old.

Given the distance between the cities we live in, we unfortunately are unable to meet as often as we would like to. However, he is a very knowledgeable athlete who decides independently on the competition results objectives. The bar has been set high and he is working hard in order to achieve all his goals.

In fact, George is the first Canadian weightlifter who has reached the mark of 400kg, a total lifted at the 2013 Senior National Championships. Young generation of weightlifters has definitely a lot to learn from an athlete of his calibre.

Gilles Poirier