Coaching - Olympic Weightlifting Classes

OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING CLASSES with George Kobaladze, one of Canada’s top weightlifters.

Kobaladze has a long competitive athletic experience and numerous national titles and international achievements. Six-time Canadian champion and five-time Canada's Best Male Lifter, 2010 Commonwealth Games and 2011 Pan American Games bronze medallist, 2012 and 2013 Panamerican championships silver medallist, Kobaladze shares his experience and skills with beginners and developing athletes who want to improve their performance.

Kobaladze is coaching:

- beginners as well as developing athletes

- athletes from other sports wishing to use Olympic weightlifting skills
  to improve their performance

- people who need physical preparation and/or a new challenge

- youth and adults

Private Classes or Trainings in Small Groups

- The coach will plan a customize training

- The coach will help you to develop good technique

- The coach will monitor your physical preparation

- The coach will assist you in developing power,
  strength, speed and agility

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